Class 2 Science Worksheets (7-8 Years)

Children at the age of 7 are at a very significant developmental stage in their lives. They are now in their second year of comprehensive studies and are learning a great deal about science in this year's curriculum. Print Learn Center's science worksheets for class 2 students are specifically designed to meet the learning needs of a student in the second grade. The worksheet contains a variety of activities that cover both academic as well as co-curricular topics.

The Science worksheets for grade 2 are designed by following the Kumon methodology. The children are encouraged to perform activities from easy to challenging levels. This way, the students learn the concepts in an efficient and enjoyable manner. PLC’s printable worksheets are aimed at improving your child’s science skills and introducing them to the fascinating new topics taught to the students in class 2. This helps the students to stay ahead of the curriculum while making learning an exciting experience.

The science worksheets for class 2 are printable and readily available for download. This makes learning flexible as your child in grade 2 can access these worksheets as and when they wish.

Apart from these worksheets, PLC has resources like webinars and informative videos for parents to help them understand their children’s academic needs. These webinars are conducted by experts and can be accessed through PLC’s website. Parents can also tune into our YouTube channel for regular updates on their children’s developmental milestones.

Topics covered in science worksheet for class 2

As your child moves from grade 1 to grade 2, their knowledge of science will develop. Through this course, students will be able to distinguish between terrestrial, amphibian, and aquatic animals and learn about their life cycles. The concept of astronomy and physical concepts will also be covered in grade 2. The printable science worksheet for class 2 will include activities based on the below topics so that your child stays updated about the curriculum while engaging in entertaining activities.

Some of the topics covered in the science worksheet for class 2 are:

1. Astronomy

The astronomy science worksheet for grade 2 is a fantastic collection of activities that your child can perform and learn about our universe. The astronomy worksheet also features activities that will clarify your child’s understanding of different types of pollution and how the world is affected by it.

2. Zoology

In class 2, your child will be introduced to the animal kingdom. They will learn about the habitat of various animals and birds. The grade 2 science worksheets have activities focused on zoology so that at age 8, your child will have a better understanding of the world they live in. The activities can be downloaded from PLC’s website anytime during your subscription period.

3. Physics

The science worksheet for grade 2 includes physics concepts your child learns in the classroom. This perfect learn-at-home resource provides your child with activities that make learning complex physics concepts easy and fun.

The printable worksheets make it very convenient for your child to engage in these enrichment activities whenever they want. The readily available pdf of these worksheets can also be used to evaluate your child's knowledge.

Activities included in science worksheet for class 2

A student in class 2 learns about the world around him or her in greater detail than in class 1. They are now opening their minds to concepts like habitat, environment, and our solar system in a more open and curious way. Furthermore, they will also gain knowledge of physics concepts, such as floating, sinking, soluble and insoluble materials, and much more. Throughout the science worksheet pdf for grade 2, you will find that many activities are available. These activities will provide your child with the opportunity to explore these concepts. It is intended for your child to expand their prior knowledge of these concepts by using these printable worksheets.

Some of the activities included in science worksheets for class 2 are:

1. Crossword

Crossword is one interactive activity included in the science worksheet for grade 2. These crosswords can be downloaded as pdf so that your child can solve them in their own comfort. Crossword activity worksheets will help your child develop their thinking and ability to retain. These printable worksheets will also improve students’ vocabulary while learning amazing facts about science.

2. Recycling

This activity teaches children the importance of recycling, segregation of waste, and upcycling. The printable science worksheet for class 2 has various activities that will make your child aware of the process of recycling. The upcycling activity will teach your child to create new things from already given objects. Parents can also participate in this activity and share their experiences with the children. These activities are provided with a demo, so your child knows how to start.

3. Match

Matching is a very simple activity included in the science worksheet for class 2. The children are to match different animals with their habitat, animals with their food, planets with their size, and much more. This activity is meant to sharpen the memory of your child in class 2.

PLC’s worksheets are available on the website, which students of age 8 - 9 can easily access and use for their holistic development.