Class 2 Technology Worksheets (7-8 Years)

The world of IT and career opportunities in this field should need no introduction for parents. However, your 8-year-old child wouldn’t have such awareness. To capitalise on a lucrative field like computer science, children must be introduced to this field as early as possible. This is where our computer worksheets for grade 2 will help.

Print Learn Center’s worksheets help children practice computer science concepts that they learn in school at their own pace, in a non-judgmental environment at home. The worksheets are uniquely designed for age 8 students to feel at ease when learning about computers. Moreover, parents are informed with webinars in our portal so that they learn new teaching strategies to mentor their children and help them develop an interest in computer science.

Our computer worksheet for class 2 covers topics such as general concepts, basic coding, and technology.  These topics are broken into small concepts which can be easily practised and tackled by class 2 students. The concepts covered in these topics ensure that students develop the logical aptitude to deal with more complex coding topics in the future.

The exercises in our computer worksheets for grade 2 are extremely simple and help students practice their knowledge of computers and the underlying technology. There are also exercises to practice their logical thinking and coding skills. The exercises follow the Kumon methodology meaning that they are designed to take students from simple problems to complex problems in very small steps, increasing difficulty a little at a time.

Our worksheets are printable and can be worked with anytime. Apart from using our computer worksheets for grade 2 using an at-home learning resource, they can be used to assess learning gaps. Download a pdf of our worksheets and help children complement what they learn at school.

Topics Covered In Computer Worksheet For Class 2

As mentioned before, our computer worksheet for class 2 has both computer and coding concepts. At a micro level, PLC’s curriculum covers debugging, algorithms, computer parts, technological gadgets, computer architecture, coding, cryptography, graphics, etc. These topics set age 8 students on the right path to learning more advanced concepts in the future. Students are not overburdened with concept-heavy topics. Our computer worksheets for grade 2 pdf ensure students deal with foundational level concepts of algorithms and coding, which are apt for their age.

Here are some of the essential topics covered in the printable Computer worksheet for class 2:

1. Algorithm and robotics

Algorithm and robotics topic in our computer worksheets for class 2 helps students practice debugging, writing algorithms, etc. Since knowledge of algorithms will help your kid write programs and knowledge of computer languages later in life, these topics must be properly understood. The worksheets also help students further their understanding of robotics. Students can learn all about parts of robots and assemble them.

2. Computers

Our computer worksheet for class 2 features a dedicated worksheet for students to learn about computer parts. The worksheet features several exercises for students to increase their knowledge of computers and their components. Since students will be learning more about the use of these parts in later classes, our interactive worksheets ensure students thoroughly understand the use of a computer and its extended applications.

3. Architecture devices and applications

Our computer worksheet for class 2 concerning architecture devices and applications introduces students to gadgets and computer architecture. Understanding these concepts helps these students better their comprehension of computer architecture, introducing students to better tune their understanding of devices and applications.

4. Coding, pixel arts and crypts

The coding, pixels and crypts worksheet features foundational topics that help students practice real coding concepts with examples. Students are introduced to loops, sequencing, and crypt arithmetic, with simple riddles and brain teaser activities. Download our printable PLC’s computer worksheet for class 2 pdf to further your kid’s understanding of these concepts.

Activities Included In Computer Worksheet For Class 2

PLC’s computer worksheet for class 2 contains activities that break down coding concepts into extremely simple and fun exercises. Sometimes, programming and coding can intimidate students. This is why our worksheets contain interactive exercises such as crosswords, brain teasers, riddles, and match the following, to make understanding coding easier for age 8 students. Download our computer worksheets for grade 2 pdf to engage your children with simplified coding and algorithm deciphering activities.

1. Identify the following

Identify the following exercise features in our computers and technology worksheets. In these activities, students are asked to recall computer parts, gadgets, and robot parts. Students are given diagrams, crosswords, and sentences from which they have to identify components.

2. Coding activities

Coding exercises feature in Technology - Coding, Pixel Arts & Crypts worksheet. Students are asked to work on sequencing, pattern identification, and decomposition activities that strengthen their understanding of programming concepts. Students are also introduced to pixels

3. Debugging

Our computer worksheets for grade 2 also contain activities that help them practice and nurture debugging skills. Finding bugs and debugging is a crucial software skill that opens doors to lucrative career opportunities.