Math Worksheets

Understanding the world and ourselves is impossible without mathematics, a fundamental part of human reasoning and logic. Mathematics helps develop mental discipline and develops logic. Moreover, mathematical competence is vital to understanding other school subjects.

The Print Learn Center’s worksheets are created keeping in mind the holistic development of your child. They are well researched and curated by India’s leading educators. These mental maths worksheets act as a helpful resource for teaching children the basics of maths and helping them practise what they have learned. PLC’s website has a series of maths worksheets ranging from Nursery to grade 6th, which can be easily downloaded to assist your child’s classroom.

The worksheets are based on the Kumon methodology. Kumon is an educational system composed of a set of home-based activities aimed at developing the student’s academic ability and sense of independence. In order to enable students to be able to learn on their own more easily, the PLC worksheets increase in difficulty in small increments as they progress through the lessons. Thus, students are able to form connections in their minds between the new concepts that have been introduced and the topics they have already studied, thereby facilitating their learning.

Topics covered in Maths Worksheet

1. Maths Worksheet for Nursery

At age 3, students learn the numbers 1-10 in maths. Also, they learn to recognize and name shapes of circles, squares, rectangles and triangles. Aside from learning the concept of counting, they also begin to develop basic addition and subtraction skills. PLC’s maths worksheets for nursery have many activities and exercises that will strengthen your child’s basic mathematical knowledge while also enhancing their fine motor and cognitive skills.

The worksheets are printable, thus making it easier for the parents to provide their children with the activities till they can perfect it.

2. Maths Worksheet for LKG

In LKG, your child will learn more about various shapes and sizes of objects around them. Additionally, they will be introduced to arranging numbers in ascending and descending order. The PLC printable maths worksheets for Lkg kids are built to strengthen your child’s classroom learning and hence have a wide range of activities that will help your toddler understand numbers, shapes and sizes of objects around them in an interactive way.

3. Maths Worksheet for UKG

In UKG, kids learn basic maths skills such as numbers, shapes, and measurement. Using PLC's maths worksheet for UKG, which comprises some amazing and interactive hands-on activities which can be performed in the comfort of your home, maths can be made fun and easy to learn for your toddler. The worksheets are focused on activities which help your child identify basic shapes, which can be helpful for them not just in the classroom but also in daily life.

4. Maths Worksheet for Class 1

As children leave kindergarten behind, they are transitioning from their preschool routine to building their academic skills. The development of a child's cognitive skills is crucial to their learning process and academic success in the future. Through the mental maths worksheet for class 1, your child can learn maths skills such as counting and basic problem-solving in an engaging way which will keep their interest in the subject for long.

5. Maths Worksheet for Class 2

Maths worksheet for class 2 covers a wide range of basic concepts, like Numbers, Shapes, Dates, and Time. The worksheets aim to build a solid foundation for your child by providing them with a structured learning path.

6. Maths Worksheet for Class 3

PLC’s mental maths worksheet for class 3 covers topics ranging from simple counting to the introduction of complex addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The worksheets also focus on helping your child learn about lengths and measurements that will help them gain an edge in the classroom.

7. Maths Worksheet for Class 4

Maths becomes an essential part of the school curriculum, which students must complete in order to prepare for higher classes. Students learn logical reasoning and logical thinking skills in class 4 maths, gradually advancing from easy to more complicated maths problems. The maths worksheets for class 4 aims to support your child’s classroom learning in an enriching manner.

There are several key concepts that are taught in class 4 maths, which PLC’s printable maths worksheets have covered extensively. The topics include patterns, measurements, time, dimension, purchasing and selling, division, fractions, area and perimeter, and pictorial representation.

8. Maths Worksheet for Class 5

As students progress through Class 5, they learn about arithmetic - addition, subtraction, fractions - and concepts such as time, weight, Venn diagrams, probability, profit & loss, probability, etc. As students understand these topics, they can move on to more advanced concepts derived from these foundational concepts included in the maths worksheets for grade 5.

9. Maths Worksheet for Class 6

In class 6, a number of topics are covered in the mental maths worksheet for class 6, including complex numbers, addition, and subtraction. The children are also introduced to the concepts of basic geometry, decimals and fractions.

Through the worksheets, children acquire learning based on applying mathematical symbols and equations.

The worksheets for Nursery to grade 6, are printable and easy to download. PLC's maths worksheets strive to complement the children's school work while also challenging them to go beyond it. Your children will be able to access maths worksheets from our website for all the concepts covered in all the classes.