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Computer activity worksheets from Print Learn Center are not merely questions but contain a series of crypto arithmetic activities, DIY activities, brain teasers and quizzes. With societies around the world integrating AI into their lives more seamlessly than ever, activities in our computer science worksheets will make children of all classes acquire a mindset where they can think in terms of a world complemented by technology. This allows students to be technologically aware and think of solutions which are backed by technology; a worldview which is absolutely absent in any generation born before the 2000s.

Also, our coding activities do not introduce students to programming. However, PLC’s curriculum aims at equipping students with the mindset needed to navigate these concepts in future. This is achieved by nominal mathematical and logical thinking activities.

There is no need to be intimidated by PLC's curriculum either. The Kumon methodology is used in our worksheets for the betterment of your kid - in small steps, increasing difficulty a little bit at a time, from simple problems to complex problems. These worksheets can be downloaded as a pdf. There is no limit to where you can work with the worksheets since they are printable.

All grades are covered in our portal. Our parents can also access webinars and videos on YouTube. Early signs of technological scientific aptitude can be recognised by parents through the mentoring tips in these worksheets.

Download our computer science worksheets for each class 

Computer worksheet for class 1

Having completed kindergarten, your toddler is now ready for more exciting and challenging concepts in science. Throughout primary schooling, students find themselves learning several foundational computing concepts that pave the road to programming in the latter years. At this age, schools also encourage students to do a lot of thinking. Our computer science worksheets are not ignorant of such needs of students. Since class one is the advent of primary school, our activities encourage students to take up robotics, deciphering codes, computer applications, and part of a computer.

Computer worksheet for class 2

With your kid facing the rigour of structured learning in grade 2, it will be time for them to face concepts like debugging, coding concepts like sequencing, branching, loops, etc. This is to ensure students develop a mindset to imbibe programming concepts in the future. PLC’s worksheets also lead to more adventurous concepts like crypt arithmetic which are the basis for cryptography and cyber security concepts.  Students are also treated to exercises in understanding computer applications which lead to them finding their way around a computer. Students can also further and accentuate their understanding of computer architecture through our computer worksheets.

Computer worksheet for class 3

We cover topics on computer architecture, programming, and algorithms in our computer worksheet for class 3. Students can easily practise and learn these topics since they are broken down into smaller concepts. As students’ progress with more complex topics, logical aptitude develops.

Students sometimes feel intimidated by coding and programming. To assist students in understanding coding, we include interactive exercises such as puzzles, riddles, and crosswords in our worksheets. You can download our computer worksheets for grade 3 pdf to engage your children with simplified coding and algorithm deciphering activities.

Computer worksheet for class 4 

With Print Learn Center's computer worksheet for class 4, 9-year-olds learn how to handle computers thoroughly and confidently. By practising our exercises, they gain a better understanding of computers. Our portal offers parents state-of-the-art teaching strategies so that they can effectively mentor their children. Due to the logical thinking and creativity required in most of our worksheets, parents can easily identify signs of aptitude and interest in their children.

Computer worksheet for class 5 

Our class 5 computer science worksheets giddy up the learners to more challenging concepts in coding and computer applications. Students are asked to work through colour coding activities, robotics and binary codes. They are also treated to exercises where students are asked to work through sequence activities such as coding sequences and flowcharts. To further their interest and knowledge of cryptic arithmetic, students are engaged in fun activities where they are asked to figure out ciphers and mind teasers using basic mathematics concepts. Such non-judgmental ways of engaging students with the subject will incite their interest and motivation.

Computer worksheet for class 6

Our computer science worksheets for class 6 feature coding worksheets and three other worksheets that comprehensively cover computer applications, software and hardware. The coding worksheet features exercises on algorithms, coding sequences, cryptic codes, cracking binary code, colour coding, route tracing, etc. Students can also work on activities about robotics which encompass testing vocabulary on robotics and designing robots. With our technology worksheets covering concepts on computer science’s technological concepts and applications, students get a thorough understanding of how to further their use of computers.