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June 30, 2022

Benefits Of Using Counting Worksheets To Make Your Kids Learn Numbers Easily

Understanding the concept and meaning of numbers, quantities and operations are some of the key things kids learn during the kindergarten years. Therefore the more experience kids have with counting quantities; the more they are likely to understand the meaning of numbers. Counting worksheets paired with concrete manipulative counting items can help by giving your child this experience regularly.

Even though children are exposed to numeracy and counting skills from early in their lives enhancing this understanding with count and write worksheets provides an opportunity for children to showcase their understanding. As parents you may have noticed children exploring numbers through every day activities like laying a plate at the table for each member of the family or counting the number of steps in a flight of stairs and even selecting a handful of sweets as against only two or three sweets in the other hand. When these activities are paired with count and match worksheets they allow children to visualise the written representation of quantities.

To reinforce your child’s understanding of foundational concepts Hp Print Learn Center (PLC) has designed learning worksheets across grades Nursery to six. These worksheets target Math concepts as well as other subjects like language, history, science to name a few. The learning content designed at Hp Print Learn Center (PLC) is engaging for kids and comes with video tutorials and webinars for parents where complex concepts are explained.

The PLC Worksheets for LKG are wonderful learning tools as the counting worksheets facilitate children to learn holistically through the LAR (Learn Apply Resolve) approach. Here opportunities to learn and apply math concepts are provided not only through worksheets but printables that can be made into board games. For example, when your child does a count and match worksheet you will be able to observe errors in understanding for quantity association and hence opportunities to resolve these errors will be possible.Therefore, these counting worksheets are a much needed strategy to achieve grade level learning goals.

Here are a few examples of counting numbers worksheets that will make learning numbers fun and easy.

Counting worksheets like the one given here are fun and creative as the child gets an opportunity to count and draw, an activity children enjoy. The counting worksheet helps reinforce their rote counting skills while they learn sequencing. They explore the concept of shape and drawing. It is a great exercise to enhance their pre writing skills too.

Count and match worksheets are another way to learn numbers easily. These counting worksheets give the child an opportunity to count and match the value to the correct numeral. This is a great exercise for the child to remember numbers with their value. A concept like tally marks is introduced in an easy and creative way while the child uses his/her knowledge of number recognition and associate value to the correct number and match them together

Count and write worksheets are designed to enhance counting as well as writing skills. A fun element is brought to sometimes boring task like writing with the count and write worksheets. Once a child has gained confidence in rote counting, recognition of numbers and understanding the value, the next step would be for them to work on count and write worksheets. These revise the concept of counting as well as emphasize on writing skills. In this count and write worksheet the child has to recognise each fruit, count it and then write the numeral counted. This also helps in concentration skills and literacy skills like learning the names of fruits.

A complex concept like tens and ones can be reinforced with counting numbers worksheet as well. As the child works with the counting worksheet, they learn how to group objects in tens. The counting worksheets expose the child to new vocabulary like how many are left over and hence explore the concept of subtraction organically. The child learns to associate the terminology tens and ones with corresponding value of numbers. Children learn best through repetition and hence a variety of counting worksheets are available on the HP Print Learn Center.

Backward counting worksheets are a great way to reinforce number sequencing and reinforce the concepts of what comes before and after. Children are a bundle of energy and enjoy activities like running and jumping. Jumping to a number of counts, jumping fast, jumping slow, jumping to the front and backwards are various ways in maths worksheet where skills are reinforced. Counting forwards comes easily but backward counting may be a challenge for a lot of children. Involving children in practical activities like running, skipping and jumping backwards are some creative ways to blend with backward counting worksheets. Worksheets like what comes before are a great way to emphasize this concept of backward counting.

In the above worksheet the child has to fill what comes next, in between and before, hence understanding all these concepts very well.

To conclude we can say that learning numbers can be so much fun when combined with everyday life activities and reinforced with counting worksheets. Include hands-on activities, counting games and counting worksheets in your child’s daily routine to help your child learn math in a fun way.