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June 20, 2022

How To Make The Most Of Preschool Worksheets For Practice?

The process of helping children excel in life begins in the early years. Reinforcing concepts taught in preschool with supplementary learning at home is a perfect way of ensuring future success. Preschool worksheets are a wonderful means of achieving this. When learning happens through a fun activity, it is better imbibed, retained and remembered.

A number and quantity worksheet or even an addition/ multiplication worksheet that is fun to do, simplifies concepts that children may sometimes find difficult and makes the learning happen organically.

Children learn through different ways; sensory stimulation, imaginative play, stories and games are the starting point in this journey. In time, as understanding grows and critical thinking skills develop, concrete leads to abstract. A child would now no longer need to count physical objects to determine their number; developmentally appropriate, well researched and beautifully illustrated learning worksheets would enable him/her to count and establish the same. The objective of learning is thus achieved in a simple, easy to do manner, that is practical and child friendly.

Preschool worksheets are a wonderful way of teaching and reinforcing concepts.

At PLC, we are cognisant of this learning journey and therefore follow an innovative LAR approach (Learn Apply Resolve) that helps develop critical skills in children. First, the children "Learn" skills they then "Apply" them in real life and finally parents step in to help "Resolve" common doubts and roadblocks with the help of our insightful tips & techniques.

These printable worksheets enable children to build their foundational skills in math, literacy, science as well as social skills.

Children in the 3-4 years age group will benefit immensely from these preschool worksheets. Once children have explored positional words through active games and movement activities, worksheets like the above can greatly help in reinforcing the understanding of prepositions. For example, when preposition worksheets are used to help children understand the position of things, they understand clearly which preposition fits correctly where. This leads to them being able to communicate better and strengthens language and literacy skills. When a child is able to communicate effectively and express himself/herself clearly, the blueprint of their all-round success has already been laid. Sometimes, a child may not want to interact socially or may be holding himself/herself back as he/she is not sure about what words to use or how to put things across. If enough practice was given to the child through preposition worksheets, it would not only lead to enhanced language skills but more willingness to communicate and participate. Cognitive, language and social development are thus achieved in a simple and organic manner.

Printable worksheets enable children as young as 3-4 years to not only build their counting skills, it also helps them to understand the concept of association of objects and matching them correctly. These critical thinking skills are much needed in daily life.

Creative and fun to solve, worksheets for kids are a time tested way of assessing how much the child has learnt. It is important for every parent to be aware about how well their child is picking up what is being taught in school. Lack of this knowledge could lead to a child lagging behind at any stage and in turn impact his/her holistic growth.

Worksheets for children help to objectively determine where the child stands and to accurately gauge whether understanding has been fully established in that particular concept or whether clarification and further practice is required.  All this being achieved while bringing a smile to the child’s face as he/she is immersed in printable worksheets.

Introduction to a second language, science concepts as well as basic math concepts are essential areas of learning in the early years; a learning that will determine their success not only in multiple fields of work but will also be an integral part of their daily life. When these concepts have been well established and the understanding is clear at the introduction stage itself, it can only result in a love for the subject which leads to future success in that domain. Giving children this chance to excel by making learning tools like addition worksheets and multiplication worksheets available to them is a wonderful way of combining learning and enjoyment.

Preschool worksheets enable children to comprehend and follow directions. They give children the scope to express themselves freely, and thereby build confidence. These worksheets for kids are a means to developing a number of capabilities in the child while having fun along the way.