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July 6, 2022

Addition worksheet for kindergarten

In this era of digitalization, preschool worksheets and printable worksheets are a boon. They promote vital/active and engaging learning opportunities for children. It is often said ‘What a child sees and is involved in doing he/she remembers for life’. Worksheets for children sums up to ‘making learning visible’ for children where they can showcase their understanding through worksheets.

Learning worksheets make children confident and give them a sense of self-esteem on seeing their work or revisiting it. Through printable worksheets, children use their logical, critical thinking and application skills while solving problems.  Worksheets can help keep a tab on the learner’s progress. As a parent one can go back and reflect on how the child has progressed. Especially if we focus on Math as a subject, having children engage with and reinforce concepts through learning worksheets is a great hands-on activity.

There are a wide range of worksheets for children available online on our site, that cater to addition, multiplication, and other preschool worksheets, etc. However, Today, we will be focusing on addition. Addition taught to children in the simplest manner would be counting objects or drawing and counting them altogether. But the best way to achieve this is to physically master it with hands on explorations, games as well as addition worksheets.

Addition can be explored with a collection of items at home like crayons and pebbles thus allowing children explore numbers and counting in different ways in their daily lives. We at Print Learn Centre present to you a collection of preschool and printable worksheets that are fun, engaging and aid in building a strong foundation for your child.

Some highlights of using addition worksheet would be:

  • Addition worksheets can visually represent what children are trying to do and think.
  • Addition worksheets encourage reasoning and problem solving.
  • Creating addition word problems can spark a child’s creativity.
  • They improve children’s proficiency and fluency in understanding number facts.
  • These kindergarten worksheets can be used as an ongoing assessment tool.
  • Addition worksheets allow for repetition and children can overcome struggles of counting in a fun way.

An example of addition worksheets available for download at PLC is – Draw and Solve

This worksheet encourages children to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

In the first box children draw the number of cookies for Alice and then draw the number of cookies bought for Leena, simultaneously writing the numeral representation of these in the second box.

Once done drawing and writing the numerals, children then count all the cookies drawn and write the added numeral in the blank of the second box. Voila there you go children solved the addition worksheet in a jiffy while being engaged in the most productive manner.

With practice, these worksheets for children help them learn counting and ace the techniques of addition with fun. These versatile addition maths worksheets are developed for children to enjoy learning while participating in it.