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July 18, 2022

Engaging Preschoolers with Activity Worksheets for Kids

Printable worksheets are increasingly becoming a meaningful ‘go to activity’ for parents in today’s time and are used in high volumes. The foundational years of children are very crucial because what children learn at this stage impacts the learning journeys they will take later in life. We are almost creating a road map on which future learning experiences will be built. At this stage along with unstructured play and hands on activities engaging children in learning worksheets that are educational as well as fun is strongly recommended. Usage of worksheets for kids not only enables active learning outcome but also has a possibility to reduce screen time of children.

At HP PLC you can avail of age level worksheets form age 3-12 years. All the printables including the preschool worksheets are fun and educational that have been designed by experts. These worksheets target age-appropriate learning goals for your child. That means for the preschool age you will not find addition worksheets or multiplication worksheets but instead more relevant concept worksheets like 

  • Numbers and counting worksheets
  • Letter knowledge worksheets
  • Preposition worksheets
  • Social Skills worksheets
  • Pre writing worksheets
  • Coloring worksheets
  • Science worksheets
  • Art & Craft worksheets, to name a few

For learning to be imprinted in the long term memory it is imperative that children revisit concepts multiple times that are introduced either at school or at home. The 52-week planner at Hp PLC ensures that these early learning concepts are reinforced through multiple practice sheets. Each pack of preschool worksheets has a grading of complexity ensuring that all kinds of learners are engaged. Children can initially start of with simpler ones and then do the more complex ones. At Print Learn Center we cater to enhancing the skills of a child by creating interactive worksheets.

Benefits of HP PLC Preschool Worksheets:

  • All HP PLC worksheets have an innovative and fun approach to learning.
  • These worksheets for kids develop and enhance foundational skills.
  • The preschool worksheets enhance fine motor dexterity and help promote a good pincer grip, therefore improving pre writing skills
  • The printable worksheets are engaging thus, keeping your child gainfully occupied and learning.
  • These printable worksheets are a great practice resource.

These activity worksheets for kids not only help children learn different concepts but also cater to enhancing other skills like creative thinking and logical reasoning and most importantly, they drive children away from screen time in an engaging manner.

Printable worksheets also promote interactive learning in a manner which is easily understandable for a child to solve. The worksheets are crisp and clear. These worksheets for kids can also ignite your child’s imagination as they include solving, drawing, creating, coloring and practicing.

For example, if we take a math worksheet that involves coloring a house which may sound simple and easy but the picture consists of different shapes and objects.

What are the outcomes of this learning worksheet?

The child learns :

  • Number counting (counting the number of circles, squares, etc)
  • Shapes (recognition of the different types of shapes)
  • Sizes (comparing and differentiating big and small objects)
  • Colors (naming and using various colors to make the picture colorful)
  • Numeral writing (mentioning the number of shapes)

Let’s take another worksheet that caters to language skills

In this worksheet the child has to look at the picture and tell a story but besides this the worksheet can be used for :

  • Story sequencing
  • The child can make the pictures colorful
  • Use their imagination to retell the story in different ways
  • Vocabulary building
  • Framing sentences

While achieving the above mentioned results the child practices their motor skills as well. Therefore while designing these worksheets for kids at PLC we not only address the concept but also focus on other areas of development. These educational resources are designed for a child to visually understand, practice and absorb the concept in the best possible way. The Print Learn Center printable worksheets are great for parents and teachers who want to cater and help 3 to 4 year old kids to learn and work on their preschool introductory skills in a fun yet engaging way. Be sure to register and log in to access your bundle of 52 weeks.